Investor Starter Kit

Get across the table with the investors:
• Bespoke Investor Pitch Deck
• Justifiable Financial Projections
• Company Valuation Model
• Elevator Pitch

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    Investor Business Plan

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    (All Inclusive)

      What's Included?

      Benefits of a Business Plan

      Impactful Presentations

      Higher Investment Probability


      Investor Friendly

      Ease of Funding

      Better Tax Planning

      Private Equity & How it's Done?

      One of the most important and time-consuming tasks for startups is the process of fundraising. While raising funds cannot be the ultimate goal of the business – it is definitely a means to an end. A lot of people believe fundraising to be an art, but after helping over forty startups raise funds.


      We at BizExpress think it’s more of a science.

      A pitch deck is akin to the Curriculum Vitae (CV) you use while you’re applying for a job. Quality of the Pitch Deck decides if you get to meet the potential investor. A typical investor will receive hundreds of business plans every month so yours has to be the one that stands out. A successful Pitch Deck typically requires a neat design and crisp content. It has to communicate the vision, business model, financial projections, the brand story, and a lot more in a few slides.

      Here are some of the most important things we coven in our Pitch Decks:

      • Elevator Pitch
        A short summary of your business proposition. Usually, just a few words that would define your business broadly.
      • Problem Statement
        A detailed understanding of the market problem your business is trying to solve with the clear answer to ‘why’ the problem needs to be solved.
      • Different Solutions to the Problem
        Different approaches to solving the problem defined in the problem statement. Not necessarily the approach your business will be taking but a broad commentary on different solutions available out there.
      • Market Research
        A deep analysis on the current market scenario with facts and figures backed by real data. This is where we talk about the problem and the solution not based on the founders’ understanding but based on facts.
      • USP & Business Model
        Time to define your solution to the problem with a detailed business strategy. This is where we define our product innovation, go-to-market strategy, and current traction if any.
      • Competitive Landscape
        A detailed study of market competitors and their USP versus our USP. It is as important to point their strengths out as to point their weaknesses. The aim here is to highlight how we are positioned to exploit their weakness and mitigate the strength with our unique approach.
      • Team Profile
        This is arguable the most important Pitch Deck component for the early-stage pre-revenue businesses. After all – the success of any business depends on the core leadership team and the investors are always keen to learn more about the people they will potentially be investing in!


      Fundraising is not a business-as-usual activity and it’s not something the founders are expected to be expert at unlike say daily operations or core business activity/technology. Most of the first-generation entrepreneurs will likely have no prior experience with the fundraising process. Considering the entire process can take six to eight months from the time the business plan is shared with an investor – it gets very tiresome and even frustrating without proper support from seasoned mentors and investors. Our in-house team of Chartered Accountants and investment experts can help you navigate this phase with ease.

      Once the investor decides to invest and you have a term-sheet in your hand, the focus shifts on due diligence and ensure all the corporate compliances are in place. We can help you navigate the term-sheet and our legal team will ensure your interests are protected. Our finance team meanwhile will help you negotiate a fair valuation and will build fail-proof financial structure and process. Since we are a one-stop provider, we’ll also help you out with all the mandatory compliances like PF, ESI, Annual Filings, and any other labour law your business has to legally comply with.

      The Equity Process

      Get an Awesome Business Plan
      Connect with the Investor
      Due Diligence
      Term Sheet Signing
      Disbursement of Amount

      What is a Private Equity?

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      So Let's Begin?


        A Pitch Deck is a brief summary of your business idea, current scale & future prospects. It lays down the journey and the growth plan of your business.

        Since every business is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all version of a Pitch Deck. We recommend customizing your deck as per your business requirements and your profile. Also, since an investor will typically receive hundreds of decks every month, it is important for you to stand out and be different.

        No. We can’t guarantee an investment since it is at investors’ discretion. We can prepare a winning Pitch Deck for you and can guide you for the investor calls. We can also connect you to the right investors according to your business activity.

        We would love to be invested in your success! We can work out a structure where you can pay us a success fee in lieu of one-time payment upfront. However, we can’t work with zero upfront fees because a lot of time and effort is invested in understanding your business while we prepare your Pitch Deck for you. We have qualified professionals with more than 10 years of experience guiding you through the process and hence we charge an upfront fee as well.

        Your data and your idea are absolutely safe with us. Your data is stored on secured servers and all our professionals have signed an NDA with us. We can also sign an NDA with your company if required.

        We have helped over 40+ companies raise equity funding till-date. Our success rate is an industry-leading 10%.

        What you see is what you pay. No hidden charges. Period.

        We usually complete the deck in 15 business days. However, this depends on your availability since we prefer an extensive conversation with the founder and the founding team while preparing the Pitch Deck.

        Giving a firm timeline is difficult as this depends on multiple factors like your industry, current business scenario, liquidity in the markets, etc. We have had clients who have raised money within 2 months and we have seen some clients take 9 – 12 months to raise the money. As a general rule, you can expect to raise money within 4 – 6 months.

        Sure. Please contact us and let your BizExpert know about your requirement. We would be happy to share a few samples of our previous works. You could also visit our work showcase: Here